How To Use Vinyl Lettering

Karen Griffin - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We often get a customer order some pre-spaced vinyl lettering for a specific project - and then they get the bug!!

It really is very easy to apply.  Like all things, the key is the prep.  A clean, dry, dust free surface is essential even though vinyl can cover up a multitude of sins.

What do our customers use it for?

The most common use is to re-letter the re-usable vinyl banners.  And you can watch a video of this here.

It can be used on:

shop windows

vehicles - of all sorts, not just cars and vans. Think boats, bikes, caravans.  We have even supplied a helicopter company

warehouse pallets

overhead height gantry

We have even supplied a company who applied numbers onto oil rig drums before their 6 month insertion into the North Sea!

How would you use it?

Boat decals

Personalised T-Shirts for One

Karen Griffin - Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Need just one personalised t-shirt?

It would be our pleasure!

You see with textile vinyl, there is no setup charge and no minimum numbers. We literally just make the amount of lettering we need and heat press it into high quality clothing.  We can offer a great choice of brands as well as quality un-branded clothing, to suit any industry or situation.

Not only can your design be full colour, but there are a fabulous range of fancy effects.  Flock? Glitter? Raised?  Why not give us a ring or ping us an email to find out more?

Prices start at £10.50 for a t-shirt with decals front breast and rear.  So if you are sweltering in the summer sun, treat yourself to a lightweight t-shirt or two.

tshirt vinyl printingClothing by Griffin Designs

Our Re-Usable Products

Karen Griffin - Friday, August 03, 2018

We do try to offer products that have an extended or ecologically acceptable life span.  But it is hard making plastic green!

Our RUBBER STAMPS  are made from Low Emissions Plastic and the ink pads can be simply changed (without mess and fuss) so extending their life span indefinitely.

Our CLOTHING range is not embroidered, but heat pressed with textile vinyl.  All of our garments are ethically sourced (from factories that treat their staff fairly) and any mistakes we might make can be easily remedied with a trade vinyl remover product.  Our clothing washes at low temperatures, and are well made so they last a long time.

Our DISPLAY BOARDS can have their details changed if needed, so the substrate (the material they are adhered to) can be re-used over and over again.  This is particularly attractive to larger companies going through a brand change.

All of our BANNERS are re-usable and literally 1000's of them are hung up and used to promoted events and charities several times every year. How? We use extra thick vinyl, with reinforced eyelets of hems.  Might sound a bit anti-intuitive in these days of avoiding putting plastic into landfill, but trust me it isn't.  With careful planning with our customers, we design a banner that can be used time and time again, with just key details such as date and venue re-usable.  Very easy to do yourself, saving money with the second use, and keeping the plastic out of the ground.  We have banners which have clocked up over a dozen reincarnations.

Reusable banners

Roller Banners are NOT Eco-Friendly

Karen Griffin - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

We often get asked to make roller banners at short notice.  Whilst we design the devils, we cannot make them in-house and instead use a local trade supplier. 

Why? At Griffin Designs we prefer to concentrate on our core ethics of providing re-usable or recyclable products.  There are roller banners on the market where the infographic pull up can be changed, but generally the aluminium casings break or dent without too much heavy wear.  Not an ideal situation.

But there are alternatives.

Our sister company, FabriStick®, makes lovely matt fabric stickers that adhere to just about anything.  So they can go on the curtains/wall/marquee/window behind your exhibition stand.  They even go on pillars. And once you have finished, you simply stick it back on the backing sheet and roll it up.  Light enough to travel in a suitcase if you are going to an event abroad even.

Now that is a handy feature!

FabriStick at exhibition

How to Choose a Banner Size

Karen Griffin - Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Size is everything!  Honestly!!

We charge by the meterage so in order to give you a quote, we need to know the size you want.

Yes, banners do come in 'standard' sizes.  Not so much in manufacture, more by how you are using them.

So a banner that is 50-60cm deep is ideal for waist height railings and fences.  Maybe outside your local school, or on a mini roundabout (with the Landowner's permission always). These banners cost £31 per metre in length.

If you go to 85-90cm deep, you are looking at shoulder height fences (£35 per metre length)

Or 100-120cm deep - you are really looking at attaching high up to a wall (£39 per metre length)

Other sizes are available, and in any length you want.  Some larger banners might be a challenge for our workshop, but somehow we always manage!

Household Division Beating the Retreat banner

This one is 8 metres long (24' in old money!)

If you would like to purchase a reusable banner get in contact. 

What We Need For Your Order

Karen Griffin - Thursday, July 12, 2018

We are so lucky.

We have amazing customers.  Each customer wants something a little different, be it in size or design or in usage. And we truly love helping them create what only they can see in their mind.

But sometimes we wonder whether our telepathic powers precede us!

Maybe it is because we are incredibly helpful (on things we know) that our customers think our knowledge is wider than it is.

So we love to help with great designs that will literally stop people in their tracks.  Banner designs that work like no others. Fabulous ideas for getting your business noticed. And lots of great value marketing tips to keep you successful.

But we need a little guidance. So these are the questions we ask several times a day (to new and old customers alike):

  • what size do you want? We price by the meterage.  We don't know the size of your fence or window. We accept measurements in any dimension, including lengths of A4 paper
  • what date/time/venue is your event?
  • do you have any existing leaflets/website etc that we can get ideas from to keep continuity
  • do you have a logo or a brand document?
  • any preference on colours/writing style?
  • Can you send us a photo of how/where you are going to use it?
Or sometimes we just pick up the phone and ask you to tell us what your vision is, so that we can tune in properly!

Dibond - The King of Substrates

Karen Griffin - Wednesday, July 04, 2018

And finally, Dibond.  Truly the top of substrate options.  Dibond is a brand name and there are copies on the market, such as Alupanel.  It is basically an Aluminium composite - so two thin sheets of Aluminium sandwiched around a Polyethylene core.

It is exceedingly strong.  Totally rigid, yet not too heavy.  It is resistant to rusting and in different formats, is the base of most of the external signage you see around the UK.  At £40 for an A4 sheet, you can see that it is almost twice the cost of rigid plastic boarding.

Dibond comes in a wide range of colours.  One side is always matt, the other side always gloss.

Like other substrates, it does have disadvantages.  It does scratch, but not that easily.  And the determined could bend it. Also, if you like the coloured variety, these can change in shade from brand to brand and over time as they are updated and discontinued.

It needs specialist cutting equipment, but it can be cut to any size or profile - but this comes at a price.

It can be covered in vinyl, or have lettering applied to it.  If you happen to find a piece of this in a skip or on your new shop or office, don't throw it away as it can often be stripped and used again.  Save money, time and landfill.

Dibond, alupanel

What is Tecafoam?

Karen Griffin - Saturday, June 30, 2018

Beloved by builders, Tecafoam has somewhat of an identity crisis.  Referred to as Foamboard, Tecafoam, white board. . . .the branding of this item has been lost over time to be honest.

But its use remains eternal.

It can come in solid colours, but they tend to fade and a better solution is to cover a white sheet with block coloured vinyl.

Rigid white plastic - we like the 5mm thickness - it is easy to cut into any size or shape.  It is rigid enough to be profile cut into fancy outlines, to create some truly imaginative signage.  It is light enough to be screwed to an external surface and lasts longest if against a solid wall or fence.

It also has drawbacks.  Mainly the fact that it shatters very easily if it takes a direct hit.  Think stone from a passing lorry, or some brainless erk off his/her head on a Saturday night.

But at just £25 for an A3 sheet, it gives very economical signage for the start up.

tecafoam signagefoamboard or tecafoam

And Murphy, the office mutt, couldn't help getting in the way of our photo session!

What is Correx?

Karen Griffin - Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What is correx?  

Basically it is a corregated plastic.  It is very very light.  It can be cable tied to lamposts, screwed to fences and either covered in printed vinyl, or have lettering added to it.

Correx comes in so many different colours and can also be cut to any size.

It works well both outside (think Estate Agent signs) and inside (lots of shops hang it from the ceiling).  But for the small business person, it can be half cut through and folded to create a free-standing V sign - great for exhibitions.

It does have limitations.  Once it bends, it deteriorates quickly.  And it can bend easily even in not so windy conditions.  In the cold, it can fracture along the corregations in a very short time.

So Correx is best for point of sale, or road side (lamp post) advertising over short periods of time.

An A3 sheet, with all the details of your event on it, is just £12

Correx boarding

What is a Substrate?

Karen Griffin - Thursday, June 21, 2018

It is really hard not to fall into our own jargon - seriously, I think we all do it without meaning too.  Don't you just hate your daughter's fb post that refers to 'imho'? Over the next few blogs, I am going to try to explain the different products we use.

A substrate is a base - something we apply the vinyl to.  Some customers supply their own. Maybe it is piece of wood they have longing polished and finished, such as this lovely boat sign.  We have applied the vinyl on top of it and it looks just great. Sometimes old and new weld together perfectly. By using a marine grade vinyl, this will last as long as the varnish on the wood, yet the vinyl is soft enough to show some of the grain through it.  Absolutely gorgeous. We get the best projects!

Wooden boat sign

Or you may have an existing A board that you can put your vinyl lettering on yourself.

Or you might be applying it to windows.

Either way, it is important we know how you are going to use your vinyl lettering so we are sure to choose the right vinyl for you.

So keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of weeks and I will explain your 'bought in' options.

I got the vinyls on time and they were great! 
Thank you for your quick work, that was really appreciated!

LC, on receipt of her bespoke vinyl stickers

Thanks Karen, and thanks for organising this for me – I don’t know what I would do without you!

Fontwell Park Racecourse, EN
My order arrived safely today and I love it!

Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic service, I will definitely be back for more.

JP, on receipt of banner
Just thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed I am with your Cambridge Weight Plan car decals, when I went to development day earlier this year the car park in the hotel was taken over with the car decals and again at our convention 2 weekends ago at the Sofitel in Heathrow, the car park had loads of your decals.  

CL, Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant
The vinyl looks great Karen! Thanks so much!
JG, on Christmas Pop Up Shop Lettering

I can’t remember if I ever got back to you to say thank you for all the hard work you went to, to ensure my car decal was right?  I’ve now got it on my rear window; it looks great, and I’m extremely pleased with it – so a big thank you!

JR, Cambridge Car Decal

Thank you so much for the artwork, I love it! Wow if only all companies operated as efficiently as Griffin Designs!

JP, Cambridge Consultant
Excellent service - thank you so much.

LN, Church Administrator on her new stamp

Karen – They look fantastic!!! Thank you so so so much !! J xxxx

Sussex Pet Sitters on new signage
Hello, Decal received today, Fabulous, Thankyou. If only the rain would stop to apply it, Ha!Ha! Many Many Thanks
DS, on receipt of self-apply Car Decals
We have received the banner safe and sound, thank you. It looks fantastic! Thank you for all your effort in assuring it reached us in time.
MC, Arun District Council
Just letting you know i received the car sticker yesterday.   It more than met my expectations and i'm really pleased with it.

JW, on receipt of her Cambridge WP Car Decals
Thanks so much for the banner, it looked great at the Last night of the Proms on Saturday!

TJ, JC Solicitors
I LOVE the car decals!!! Thank you. The video online was very helpful and well worth watching.  You're right, it's addictive. I want them everywhere!!!!!

LC, on receipt of rear window car decal
Just seen the A29 Banner up for Ladies Evening.It looks fantastic!
EN, Fontwell Park Racecourse
Decals arrived thank you what a great service you provide.
JT, on receipt of car decal
Just received the banner and just a quick note to say how pleased I am with it …stunning. So thank you very much for your quick turnover and if any of the other branches need anything like this in the future you will be top of the list.
MH, Bath on receipt of Royal Marines Assoc banner

Brilliant … thank you so much!

RW, Henry Adams on sponsored boat decal
Many thanks for your service. Now I have my order I feel free to tell you that you were not the first company that I was in touch with. However, you proved twice as efficient, twice the the quality and half the price. 
Sandy, Caithness Cheese Co on his vinyl lettering
Thankyou for such a great job, I agree with you that it looks fab
Adrian Hunt, on his applied car decals
It has arrived & it's blue & I love it !! Thank you so much !
Earth Seed To Bloom, on receipt of rubber stamp
We’ve got the stamp, which is exactly what we wanted
KL, Heritage Investments, rubber stamps
Hello Karen. Thank you very much for my vinyl lettering which arrived last week and is perfect!
KM, Romsey
WOO HOO!! Marvelous news. They just arrived. They look great! Thank you very much, we are very happy.
LB, Artificial Eye, London
 . .to thank you for your generous contribution towards the live music event at the Spotted Cow. The evening was an overwhelming success and raised the outstanding sum of £1200.
North Mundham Primary School, on their event banner
Thank you for the promptness of attending to our order for a stamp, the quality is quite amazing!
Paul, Ice Band
Yup, the A board is looking great !   Thank you for taking the time to create such an eye catching, elegant & informative board, & completing the branding image.
SF Arundel Acupuncture, on arrival of her new A board
I just wanted to say I had my first enquiry from someone that had seen our car last week. Lots of people comment on 'seeing it about' but this has been the first enquiry (which I am sure will be more than just that) from someone genuinely excited about the services we offer, and already recommending us to friends.
CB, Task Angels, on success of car decals
Did four of the banners yesterday and they really were quite painless and easy as you say.  Thanks for the instructions and encouragement, etc.
JH, on replacement of banner lettering
The lettering was perfect.  Thank you very much for helping me out over the Bank Holiday weekend.
SJ, Maritime Acoustics
Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting the sign done for me so quickly.
Weight Loss & Beauty Centre, on window decals

I just wanted to email you quickly to say that the stamp came today - it is perfect! I'm so pleased with the end result, it really has surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much for your extremely swift service, and care and attention to the design.

RP on arrival of her rubber stamp
the rubber stamp is perfect
KC, Chappell Sports Cars
"Thanks for such prompt delivery of my address stamp.  Despite the snow & ice, my lovely postie delivered it today.  It's just the job :)
LB-J, Hayling Island
Fantastic Karen – I think it looks great Thank you for your excellent help and service.
MB, Cambridge Consultant
I love it I really do, its fantastic! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
Peek-A-Boo-Events, on receipt of banner
Just to thank you for my order.  The decal looks great on the car
CD, on her Cambridge Car Decal
"Received the stamp today and we are thrilled with it. The quality is fantastic and we will definitely recommend you."
IJ, Dog Togz on receipt of a logo'd rubber stamp
Thank you very much, the signs arrived this morning, and have already been put up. They match very well, and I was impressed how easy they went up. Thank you for all your help.
NM, Environment Agency, Wales on vinyl lettering
I would just like to know that I'm soooo happy with my stamp  A very big thankyou

Kaiser, Boxer Dog
Its fab!!!  Thanks sooooo much.
SF, CWP Consultant on her car decals

Hi Karen just to let you know decals arrived safe today and look bloody marvellous thanks have recommended you to another consultant .... Thanks for a great service and great decal will shout if I ever need any more thanks again from Alli

AG, Scotland on her Cambridge Weight Plan car decals
'WOW, it looks fab. I'm already noticing people checking it out as I drive around.  Well done, a brilliant service, fantastic customer service, and a fabulous price. You tick all the boxes.'

TM, Middlesex on her Cambridge Weight Plan car decals
'Stamps received, very pleased with them and your services.  Thank you'
LW, JJD Skips
'Thank you for your work on the banner I saw it this morning and it looks great. '
TW, Lancastrian Infants' School, banner sponsored by Peugeot
received this morning, very pleased with purchase. Thank you
AH, Subaru Dealer, Loughborough
Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for doing the stamp for me. Its just as accurate and professional as I need it to be. Again, many thanks and I will be sending more business you way soon
AP, Purley
Fab job! Many thanks
AS, West Sussex NHS Primary Care Trust
Thank you for getting in touch, the banners were excellent, and I really appreciated you turning them around so quickly.
CC, West Sussex County Council, London 2012 Ahead of the Game
I absolutely love it, as does everyone else, thanks so much
CF, Foresters Lodge
Thanks for the banner. It's up and looks ok
CP, Chichester District Council
Many thanks for your help again

DB, TD Facilities, on repeat order of vinyl stencils
Many thanks for making these amendments. It now looks fantastic.
DL, Help for Heroes about a sponsored banner
We are writing to thank you so much for your donation of a replacement banner for our music Festival. It restores ones faith in human kindness. . . . we raised a staggering ��20,000.
Fundraising Office for 4SIGHT, West Sussex Association For the Blind, on their banner
I just wanted to thank you again for the banner, he loved it! Actually it is still hanging up two weeks later!
GC, Birdham on 60th birthday celebration banner
. . . thank you very much, it looks great
GJ, Great Dane Developments Ltd on advertising board
The logos have arrived safely. They are exactly the right size and just what I wanted.
JB, Internet order for Boat Decals
On this bleak and rather depressing Monday morning your concise and great info is like a breath of fresh air . . .
LC, Phoenix Rose, London
Definitely put me down as a very satisfied customer. I found you on a Google search. It was important to me to get a reasonable replication of the Jaguar logo.
MB, Kent
Thanks very much for the stamps, and for doing them so quickly
Cheers again for your excellent service. You will certainly be getting more of our work in the future
TH, Flexile Ltd
Order process was really smooth and the product was brilliant
TM, Lets Go Operate
Hi Karen. Received the stamp this morning, Bern is one very happy bunny, thanks so much.
VH, Liverpool
Stamps received today, these are great so much cleaner than the old fashioned way!
VP Vanila DPS
Just a quick thanks for another great stamper
ZH, Dynamic Osteopathy
A very belated thank you for the new banners. I put the first one up and everyone commented on how fabulous it looked. It is so much more noticeable than our old canvas ones and in the summer I will endeavour to get a sponsor sorted as you suggested.
MA, North Mundham School
We had lots of very positive comments on the wonderful design of the banners and they looked fantastic outside the school . . . this year we raised £2500 which we were absolutely delighted with.
MA, Treasurer, PTA North Mundham Primary School

Just received my replacement letters.  Thank you so much for sorting this so quickly

Kate, on receipt of Cambridge Car Decals
Thank you for the prompt service all arrived today!!
ACG Accounting on receipt of their vinyl bumper strip
I have received my print thank you so much for such fast delivery.


AB, on receipt of car decal

Just to let u know that I received the vinyls this morning ok, and they all look really good many thanks.

DE, Perth on his vinyl lettering for a Burger van
Two words :
Banner = fabulous.
Again, thanks for the quick turnaround - very much appreciated.

JT from
Brill thank you so much i love it and thanks for taking the time to get it right for me so cant wait for it to arrive =]  thanks so much Karen
KC, on her new car decal
Thanks so much for the banners - the team were very impressed today!

MA, Whyke United Under 11s
 just wanted to write to say thank you very much for my wheel cover and lettering.  It looks fab!  I am hoping that people will see it around and that I’ll get lots of new customers.
SL, Cambridge Weight Plan
I have it!

That was extremely fast!!  I'm very impressed.

Thank you very much!

TS, Marwicks Brasserie, Bosham on receipt of banner

My dad has put the decal on and it looks great!  Too dark to take a picture now but will send one on soon. Thanks for your great customer service.

WF, on receipt of Hypnoslimmer Car Decal
Goodness knows what your workshop smells like, because these banners have rather an orange-y whiff to them now!
Wilderness Development, on receipt of re-stripped banners
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