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Building Wrap Insurance Yawn

Karen Griffin - Friday, September 30, 2016

It was only a matter of time before the insurance kill-joys stepped in.

Dulwich College Scaffold WrapPersonally, we thought the idea of scaffold wraps were a good one.  Lets face it, scaffolding is never pretty.  Not only can a wrap totally disguise the ugliness - this picture is a straight image of the lovely facade below at Dulwich College, but it also offers a good advertising opportunity.

These types of wraps have always been a specialism of the 'big boys' in the sign industry, as working out the wind loading on scaffold is a very complicated job.  These companies tend to be compliant to all the BS, EN and ISO industry standards but it seems this is not enough to appease insurance companies, who are now warning that building insurance might be void if full submissions of compliance to the guidelines are not approved in advance.

The Association of British Insurers are pushing for a new insurance-driven standard covering all wraps and banners.  This would have a devastating effect on any charity, event or business who uses banners as part of their marketing strategy and would make this form of advertising uncompetitive.

We are joining many other small businesses who supply relatively small banners to individual clients (rather than corporates) to be exempt from this additional level of red tape.  One suggestion is that the new code only applies to wraps or banners above a certain square meterage.

Lets hope that common sense prevails.

I got the vinyls on time and they were great! 
Thank you for your quick work, that was really appreciated!

LC, on receipt of her bespoke vinyl stickers

Thanks Karen, and thanks for organising this for me – I don’t know what I would do without you!

Fontwell Park Racecourse, EN
I have received my print thank you so much for such fast delivery.


AB, on receipt of car decal

Just to let u know that I received the vinyls this morning ok, and they all look really good many thanks.

DE, Perth on his vinyl lettering for a Burger van
Two words :
Banner = fabulous.
Again, thanks for the quick turnaround - very much appreciated.

JT from
Brill thank you so much i love it and thanks for taking the time to get it right for me so cant wait for it to arrive =]  thanks so much Karen
KC, on her new car decal
Thanks so much for the banners - the team were very impressed today!

MA, Whyke United Under 11s
 just wanted to write to say thank you very much for my wheel cover and lettering.  It looks fab!  I am hoping that people will see it around and that I’ll get lots of new customers.
SL, Cambridge Weight Plan
I have it!

That was extremely fast!!  I'm very impressed.

Thank you very much!

TS, Marwicks Brasserie, Bosham on receipt of banner

My dad has put the decal on and it looks great!  Too dark to take a picture now but will send one on soon. Thanks for your great customer service.

WF, on receipt of Hypnoslimmer Car Decal
Goodness knows what your workshop smells like, because these banners have rather an orange-y whiff to them now!
Wilderness Development, on receipt of re-stripped banners
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